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Email Marketing Campaigns That Drive Conversions

Reach, attract, impress and convert more leads with the right email marketing solutions. Connect with Simons Wood Inc. to get your proposal that drives results.

Complete the journey from Spam Box to Service Page With Simons Wood Inc.

Customers receive tons of emails in their inboxes every day. From coupons to deals and from newsletters to spam mails- it’s a lot to sift through. Although most emails never get opened, it is quite a possibility that your brand may suffer a low click-to-open rate. However, sending relevant emails at the right time, using suitable email marketing campaigns not just reach your consumer’s inboxes but can help you live rent-free in their mind. Don’t want to miss out on this opportunity? Let Simons Wood Inc. help you!

We, at Simons Wood Inc., are dedicated to offering exceptional email marketing campaigns that help you connect and engage with customers directly. Our qualified experts are passionate about creating cost-effective solutions that extend the benefits of email marketing to your brand. Whether you want to develop a new email marketing campaign or find loopholes and improve your existing marketing maneuver- Simons Wood Inc. can do it all. Explore our email marketing services, and find out how we can help you formulate and act on strategies that meet your email marketing campaign’s objectives.

Our Suite Of Email Marketing Services Includes:

Email Strategy And Audit

Do you have an email marketing challenge you need to figure out? Don’t have an idea where to start from? We execute audits to diagnose factors that impact your marketing success and track down issues that disrupt your email marketing strategy. Our experts assist in planning a strategy and formulate a roadmap to help you convert more leads.

Email Marketing Automation

Take your email optimization to the next level with us. Plan, develop, and establish scalable email marketing automation strategies that enhance consumer engagement and value.

ESP Analysis and Migration

Does your ESP fit your needs, or are your facing constraints? Do you wish to switch to platforms that offer better capabilities? Sit back and relax as our experts help you analyze and migrate to a better ESP.

Email Campaign Management

Need help to manage your email marketing campaigns? Let us collaborate with your in-house marketing unit to develop an effective strategy that drives profitability in the long run. Our experts are trained to assist you in developing, deploying, and managing your email marketing campaigns at scale.

Email Template Production

Don’t have an in-house marketing team and resources to design email templates as per your marketing campaigns? Get Connected with our team for precise and well-executed email templates that match your branding and expected User Experience. (UX)

Email Deliverability

Struggling with low email open rates? Are your email deliverability issues becoming a roadblock in achieving your brand’s objectives? Let us assist you in optimizing your email deliverability and safeguarding your brand’s mailing reputation.

Why Should You Entrust Us For Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

  • Full-service email marketing campaigns for your brand
  • Integrated digital marketing services
  • Bespoke audience list segmentation
  • Detailed analysis, audit, and email marketing reports
  • Qualified And seasoned email marketing experts
Let The Whole World Know About Your Brand

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